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Length_4 mt - Beam_1.55 mt - Draft_0.90 mt  

Weight_70 Kg - Crew_1 / 2

The perfect toy

Zen is the ultimate dinghy designed to sail in a simple and fast way. Is characterized by its straight and linear geometries; the double chine conformation and the wide beam make it a very stable vessel, but at the same time performing. The chine position and the particular distribution of the volumes allow to sail safely even in glide, reducing the risk of wipeout and capsized..


The deck is a  flush surface allowing a "freestyle" conduction and amplifies the feeling of space on board. The stern area is perfect to move comfortably and to be used as sunbathing area by one or two people. 


The rig is based on a square top mainsail and a furling code 0 ; this configuration allow to sail with the correct sail area in upwind mode without any effort, becoming more powerful in downwind with the use of the code 0. The alloy mast is divisible in 2 parts to facilitate the transport. The weight of the hull allow the load on the roof of your car. Zen wants to be simple, easy and intuitive, with zero complication.

Level _ easy

Average timing _ 100 ore

Zen is designed to be built using the "stitch & glue" method, a simple and intuitive technique construction, suitable even for the less experienced.

To begin to understand the construction you can practice by purchasing the study model, which reproduces the same components in scale and the same assembly technique of the real boat.

If you are sure you can make it, you can directly purchase the plans and the license in digital format (.pdf) valid for a single building. The plans contain technical drawings, assembly diagrams and especially the 1: 1 scale templates ready to print. 

Zen is also available in Kit to help you speed up construction and be more precise.

Download the cradle's drawings to start the construction of your ZEN

ZEN Study model  50 euro

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ZEN Plans & license (.pdf)  250 euro

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Zen Wood Kit                1500 euro + vat

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Zen Rig&Sails Kit         1950 euro + vat

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Zen Hardware Kit        1600 euro + vat

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Prices valid until 31/12/2021

Shipping cost not included

Click HERE to contact the boatyard and proceed with the purchase

To purchase Zen Kit you need to have  ZEN Plans & license



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